Posted by: dramaticknits | July 29, 2013

Father Time Cowl Pattern


a pattern by

Steven Fegert





1 skein of fingering weight yarn

Size 4 US/3.5 mm 40″ needle


YO = Yarn Over

K2tog = Knit two together

tbl = through the back loop


Using the long tail cast on, cast on 300 stitches. Join in the round, being careful not to twist.

Knit in garter stitch for 5 rounds (Knit 1 row, Purl 1 row, Knit 1 row, Purl 1 row, Knit 1 row)

Pattern Stitch:

YO, K2tog for a row

Knit 1 row plain

Repeat 2 pattern stitch rows until you are almost out of yarn or to the desired height of the cowl.

Knit in garter stitch for 5 rounds (Knit 1 row, Purl 1 row, Knit 1 row, Purl 1 row, Knit 1 row)

Finally, bind off loosely. I suggest k2tog tbl, place stitch on right hand needle back onto the left needle and repeat all the way across.


PDF Format


  1. looks impressive even than on podcast

  2. Thanks for sharing, Steve
    Watched your most recent episode and love YOUR cowl
    Good luck on your move
    Great that your mom and sis will give a helping hand

  3. You are so sweet to share the pattern. Thank you !!

  4. Thanks for the pattern! I’m going to use it to give knitting one more try….I’m a long time crochet-er, but I want to knit 🙂

  5. Simple yet beautiful! thanks for sharing!

  6. Thanks for the pattern! Can you do this with smaller amount of stitches as well.

    • Absolutely! You just need an even number of stitches.

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