Your hosts, Steve and Callie, produce a weekly video podcast about all things knitting and fiber related. Steve’s passion for theatre, and Callie’s willingness to appease him, have caused the creation of Dramatic Knits. We are so happy that you have stopped by and we truly hope you enjoy the show. Please leave a comment with any questions, suggestions, or feedback you would like us to be aware of. And remember…we hope you knit something dramatic!




  1. Was looking for a new knitting podcast and decided to try yours… Love it! Love your color sense Steve your granny square is beautiful.

    • Thanks so much for giving us a shot.

  2. Hi! Sheila from New Jersey here
    I don’t knit- not crafty in any way, but I found your podcast and watch you guys in action!
    Calming and talky Definitely different
    Enjoy just listening

    • PS dramatic plays are my thing
      The talkier the better

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