Posted by: dramaticknits | April 17, 2011

Episode 9 My Close Up!

Now Performing:

Taking A Bow:


In Rehearsal:

Behind The Scenes:

In The Spotlight:

A Round of Applause:



  1. I am so jealous. Hello Yarn is the one yarn that is "impossible" to get. You have to commit to purchase 12 months of yarn or roving in the club. And the waiting list to join the club is a couple of years long. If you try to purchase skeins from people destashing on Ravelry, you'll find they don't sell, they'll only trade one Hello Yarn color for another. You are a lucky guy.

  2. Great show. I really love the candid book reviews. I agree, some of those sweaters should not be on a man, ANYMAN…. Who better to review a man knitting book but a man. Can't wait to see the finish work next week. Thanks for the shout out. Sheila

  3. I always want to frolic in a rainbow. hehe ❤ U!

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