Posted by: dramaticknits | February 4, 2020

Episode 348: On the Fringe


Taking A Bow:

Now Performing:

In Rehearsal:

Behind the Scenes:

In The Scene Shop:

  • Heaven & Earth Designs
  • Weaving
    • Lost in the Woods Scarf

In the Spotlight:

Inside the Knitter’s Studio:

  • From Nimrodita
    • I’m a sucker for pet stories! Can you talk about your pets and how you decided what to get? Is one of you more of a pet lover than the other?

A Round of Applause:

  • Plymouth Yarn Diversity Giveaway
    • What’s something that you’re surprised no one has figured out how to do yet?
      • #4 SethB (Seth from KY)
        • The phenomenon of traffic is very intriguing to me…I know certain road configurations can improve traffic but I feel like interstate traffic should be a problem of the past!
  • January 2020 Race to the Finished Object Contest Winners!
    • Prize = Less Traveled Yarn Sock Set
      • #29 lmermd (Tina from CA)
        • Wish You Were Here Socks
    • Pattern from Featured Designer: Jessica Brist of Snickerdoodle Knits
      • #207 LoveAfrica (Barb from MI)
        • Gramma’s Dishcloth
  • February 2020 Race to the Finished Object Contest 
    • Prize = 
    • Pattern from Featured Designer: Shana Cohen
  • Snickerdoodle Knits KAL Winner!
    • #28 knitterchow (Kathy from MI)
      • My Favorite Simple Knit Hat
  • Shanalines Designs KAL
    • February 1st-July 31st
    • Any of Shana’s Patterns
    • Each FO gets you entered in the drawing!



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