Posted by: dramaticknits | July 15, 2019

Episode 335: Spilled Ink

Taking A Bow:


  • Nothing


  • Nothing

Now Performing:



In Rehearsal:



Behind the Scenes:

In The Scene Shop:


  • Heaven & Earth Designs
  • Weaving
    • Man of Mystery and Imperfections Scarf


  • Artiste “Colorful Cow”
  • Paint By Number

In the Spotlight:

Inside the Knitter’s Studio:

  • From gabbyabbie
    • I was going to ask how you started dying but a couple people beat me to it lol. How did you start selling your yarn. Etsy? Was there anything that you can recall that really boosted your sales, or was it just a combination of your YouTube channel and and doing shows? being from a small town myself I always love hearing stories of how makers get their stuff out there. I love watching your podcast and seeing your beautiful yarn! (And your beautiful faces)

A Round of Applause:

  • Moduloncho Pattern Giveaway
    • If you had to break one world record in order to receive one million dollars, what world record would you try to break?
      • #9 GSP4me (Julie from WA)
        • I would hold the record for procrastination. I can always find something else to do, especially if I’m not enthralled with something. Thus my number of unfinished projects – both knitting and cross stitch.
  • July 2019 Race to the Finished Object Contest
    • Prize =
    • Pattern from Featured Designer: Jen Lucas



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