Posted by: dramaticknits | October 8, 2018

Episode 317: Timber

Taking A Bow:



  • Nothing

Now Performing:



  • Color Block Bias Wrap by Suzzane Shaw
    • Classic Elite Yarns Mountaintop Chalet
  • Simple Boomerang
    • Gifted yarn

In Rehearsal:


  • Nothing


Behind the Scenes:

In The Scene Shop:



  • Artiste “Colorful Cow”

In the Spotlight:

A Round of Applause:

  • Scarf Style Book Giveaway
    • What qualities do you value most in a friend?
      • #11 KittenWhiplash
        • I appear to be the kind of person that people feel free to tell their problems to, and expect assistance, whether it’s help moving or help paying bills or help finding or losing a mate, no matter how slightly we are acquainted. On the other hand, I have found that having a problem of my own can clear a room faster than a stink bomb. The ones that stay in the stinky room, those are friends.
        • ETA: While the above statement could be interpreted to mean I value sinus problems above all other attributes in a friend, that was not my intention
  • Operation Chemo Comfort Hat Drive KAL
    • Now through November 15th
    • Must mail by 11/15/18
    • Post each hat in separate post for an entry. Can be made whenever.
    • For every 25 hats posted we will add another prize.
  • September 2018 Race to the Finished Object Contest
    • Prize = Ultimate Mittens by Robin Hansen
      • #170 ROCknit (Pam from Rochester, NY)
        • Halloween Houndstooth Cowl
    • Pattern from Featured Designer: Corrado Lark
      • #219 GingerBedell (Ginger from Jeffersonville, VT)
        • Vanilla Socks
  • October 2018 Race to the Finished Object Contest


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