Posted by: dramaticknits | August 28, 2018

Episode 314: Just Sayin’

Taking A Bow:


  • 90’s Garage Band Socks


  • Nothing

Now Performing:


  • Cloudless by Suvi Simola
  • Pop The Cork Socks
    • Opal in #9286
    • Size 1 US/2.25 mm
  • Brownstone by Jared Flood
  • Circumvolute by Hunter Hammerson
    • Spun Right Round Squish DK in Bug Jar
    • Size 4 US/3.5 mm
  • Granny Square Blankets
    • Various Scrap Yarns


  • Lamina Wrap by Ambah O’Brien
    • LMFA Show Stopper in Smokey Quartz and Show Stopper Mini Skeins in Gothic Queen, Eternal Kiss, The Haunted Wood, Shadows In The Trees, Blue Steel, and Fortune Teller
  • Simple Boomerang
    • Gifted yarn

In Rehearsal:


  • Nothing


  • Color Block Bias Wrap by Suzzane Shaw
    • Classic Elite Yarns Mountaintop Chalet

Behind the Scenes:

  • Three Waters Farm Rambouillet Top in Summer’s End
    • 276 yards of 2 ply sport weight
  • Loop Bump

In The Scene Shop:



  • Artiste “Colorful Cow”

In the Spotlight:

A Round of Applause:

  • Hip Knit Hats Book Giveaway
    • What is your favorite subject in school?
      • #19 Sunnyknitz (Pamela)
        • I would have to say Spelling followed by Math . I got to represent my district in their annual spelling bee in my sophomore year . That was a long time ago in the 80s , but who’s counting ?
  • August 2018 Race to the Finished Object Contest


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