Posted by: dramaticknits | May 15, 2018

Episode 307: Playa del Carmen



Taking A Bow:


  • Nothing


Now Performing:


  • April Showers by Dallas Ann Prentice
  • Ribbon Wrap by illitilli
    • LMFA Box Office in Darkest Hour/Nude Scene/Poseidon/Into The Woods
    • Size 9 US/5.5 mm
  • Suburban Wrap by Joji Locatelli
    • LMFA Monologue in Fortune Teller/Glowstick/Sea Turtle
    • Size 6 US/4 mm
  • Architexture by Jennifer Weissman
    • Black Cat Fibers Nomad Sock in the Demeter Gradient
    • Size 5 US/3.75 mm
  • Granny Square Blankets
    • Various Scrap Yarns


In Rehearsal:


  • Swatches!
  • Crevasse by Plucky Knitter Designs


  • Scarf that is a sample at the LYS

Behind the Scenes:

In The Scene Shop:

In the Spotlight:

A Round of Applause:

  • Knit Picks Stroll Tweed & Giving Ewe Cake Giveaway
    • What have you done recently that is deserving of someone giving ewe cake?
      • #27 Nicci52879 (Nicci from Wisconsin)
        • Well I have donated over 250 hats since this time last year plus 45 other items for charity. My birthday is the end of the month.
  • April 2018 Race to the Finished Object Contest
    • Prize = 101 Luxury Yarn One-Skein Wonders
      • #128 cdsgifts (Penny from Michigan)
        • Hermione’s Everyday Socks
    • Pattern from Featured Designer: Shelby Hamden 
      • #243 debbiejjackson (Debbie from CA)
        • Yeksa Shawl
  • May 2018 Race to the Finished Object Contest


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