Posted by: dramaticknits | July 5, 2017

Episode 285: Retreats and Illness



Taking A Bow:


  • Grease Lightning Hat
    • LMFA Box Office in Grease Lightning
    • Size 6 & 8 US/4 & 5 mm


  • Something!

Now Performing:



In Rehearsal:



  • Finish Projects

Behind the Scenes:

In The Scene Shop:

In the Spotlight:

A Round of Applause:

  • Simply Cotton Sport Giveaway
    • What is your favorite childhood memory?
      • #37 CraftyChristine87 (Orland Hills, IL)
      • Trips to Disney with family and grandma
  • June 2017 Race to the Finished Object Contest
    • Prize = #46 whtangel8 (Joanna from AZ) Flat platypus
    • Pattern = #246 rosebob (Rose from UK) Socks
  • July 2017 Race to the Finished Object Contest


  • July’s Colorway of the Month: Grease Lighting
  • Next Shows:
    • Crocheters of the Lakes Q & A in Grayslake, IL
      • July 10th 6-8pm
    • Fiber U in Lebanon, MO
      • Saturday July 15th from 8-6
      • Sunday July 16th from 7:30-3:3


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