Posted by: dramaticknits | October 20, 2013

Episode 135 Apologies Galore

This video doesn’t exist
Taking A Bow:
  • Nothing
Now Performing:
  • Faye 2-Way Vest by Susan Haviland
  • Local Alpaca in Fingering held double in Jetty
  • Size 3 US/3.25 mm
  • Brickless by Martina Behm
  • Miss Babs– Yowza Whatt a Skein! in the Aubergine colorway
  • Size 5 US/3.75 mm
In Rehearsal:
  • Nothing
  • Get projects done!
Behind the Scenes:
In the Spotlight:
  • What we’re watching
A Round of Applause:
  • Calsters on Ravelry


  1. Hi there! Just an FYI, the needle you received from China is not made by addi. Whoever is producing them, is doing a great job at imitating addi’s packaging, but the comparisons stop there. I have seen these needles before – they are selling them in Russia as well, also with the misleading addi packaging. I guess everyone always tries to imitate the best. The needles themselves are not like addis at all. The cords are thick and inflexible and the nickel plating does not last long. Trust me, I’ve checked them out! You get what you pay for. If you don’t own an addis, and want to try some out, email me your address and I’ll send you some – then you can really see and feel the difference. Trust me, there is one! Kindest Regards, Karin Skacel My email is
    Thanks for a great Podcast! Although I do not follow it regularly (I simply don’t have the time to follow all the great podcasts out there) I do have quite a few friends that do!

    • Karin,
      Thanks so much for your comment. I am aware they are in no way like Addi. I have been a long time Addi fan. However, if you are ever looking for a podcast to review any of your products, I would hope that you would keep us in mind. You do have a great product!!!

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