Posted by: dramaticknits | August 24, 2013

Episode 127 Centerstage

This video doesn’t exist

Leading Men Fiber Arts Ravelry Group

Taking A Bow:


Now Performing:
  • Cowry Shell Shawl by AnneLena Mattison
  • Local Alpaca Fingering Weight in White
  • Size 6 US/4 mm
In Rehearsal:
  • Shawl
Behind the Scenes:
  • 75% Coopworth/25% Silk in Enchanted Forest
In the Spotlight:
A Round of Applause:
  • Calsters on Ravelry


  1. felicitations, again Steve. I didn’t understand your technicalities about uploading the podcast, but the colours and stitch design came thru’ great. xx

  2. Your podcast was clear and very good. You guys are really my faves. All the best on your new venture.
    Knitnut246 on Ravelry

  3. Hi Steve and Callie. Loved your episode as usual. You guys are great together and really make a good podcast. To your question about clarity of the upload, it was perfect on my end. Everything focused well if it was held close to the camera and instantly refocused when it moved away. So whatever it is that you did it worked perfectly.

    Callie my heart goes out to you and your friend as you walk through this very painful journey. I will be praying for her and her family. And don’t ever feel you need to apologize for showing your emotions. It is what helps us to become a closer community.

    Just a quick question of my own. I have just started podcasting and at the moment I am using a Logitech webcam. I notice that it doesn’t cope with quick movement so when I show something and it moves in front of the camera there is a slight blurriness until it focuses again. I am toying with the idea of getting a video camera but since there are so many to choose from I figure it is easier to ask a fellow podcaster than to trudge through the mire of what is available. One comment that has been made to me is that there is even more time taken up with a camera to convert it back onto the computer. I would appreciate any help you could give me in this respect.

    BTW your yarns are gorgeous and one day I might be able to buy some. Considering the huge postage rate to Australia it is not always economical to buy from the US,

    Looking forward to yet another episode in the lives of Steve and Callie.


    Joyce 🙂

    • Joyce,
      We use a Logictech Camera as well. I can’t remember the exact model #, but it was around the $100 range.

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