Posted by: dramaticknits | April 22, 2012

Episode 60 Smell-o-vision

Now Performing:
Taking a Bow:
In Rehearsal:
Behind The Scenes:
In The Spotlight:
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  • Don’t forget to leave a comment under this show’s thread on Ravelry or here on the blog to be entered for a copy of Knit Tricks! by Rebecca Wat.
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  1. I love the new ending!! Great show guys. Steve, don't knock those of us that do the baby hat for SSK. I got a SSK sweater to knit. (By the way: Please, don't enter me for the drawing. I don't need anymore pattern books right now.)

  2. enjoyable, as usual. both baby blankets are lovely. Callie, looking forward to seeing the finished blanket, safe travel and have a good weekend.Steve, the shawlette came out very pretty; agree with TLM that the design is good. you made drop spindling look so easy!!!yes, please add me for the book.thanks xxx

  3. I am in love with the Lost in Light shawl! How did you finish your projects so quickly? It takes me at least 4 weeks to make a shawl, and an entire weekend to do a pair of socks. How many hours per week on average do you each spend knitting?

  4. It was nice of you to wait for her before you shot the show. Performances can be stressful. fifteen hours of school. That's intense.

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