Posted by: dramaticknits | April 14, 2012

Episode 59 In The Trenches


Now Performing:
Taking a Bow:
  • Mitered Cross Square
In Rehearsal:
Behind The Scenes:
In The Spotlight:
  • Calsters on Ravelry and Plurk


  1. I just love watching your puppy jump up for Callies attention. It makes me squee so much!And now for your gansta lessons of the day! 😛

  2. Could be that I just finished a 12hr shift that made me cra, but this episode had me rolling, the best pick me up! I am a cra follower and love the show, keep the entertainment (and knitting) coming!

  3. Funny, very lol. Love it when you both are silly! It was quite cra show. Thanks for the episode.

  4. I laughed so hard I cried. This is one of your funniest episodes. Punch drunk suits you guys. Giggle.

  5. I love you guys. Your passion for knitting is wonderful.

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