Posted by: dramaticknits | January 24, 2012

Favorite Musical Swap

We are extremely excited to be organizing the Favorite Musical Swap! Here are the details:
-Sign ups are from January 22nd-29th, 2012
-You must fill out the form here 
-All packages must be shipped out on or before February 29th, 2012
-All packages must included a minimum of $10 worth of goodies related to your partner’s favorite musical and a handmade item
-The swap is organized in a top down fashion, meaning that the person who signed up before you will be crafting your package, and you will crafting a package for the person that signs up after. We will, though, be also taking in consideration allergies and shipping restrictions
-Please make sure that you are willing to commit to the swap before you sign up. If for any reason you can not continue your participation, please let DramaticKnits or Calsters now ASAP.
We really think this is going to be a great swap, we are beyond excited at the thought that our viewers are going to be introduced some new show and theatre! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact either one of us.
~Steve & Callie

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