Posted by: dramaticknits | November 20, 2011

Episode 39 You’re A Star!

Now Performing:
Taking a Bow:
In Rehearsal:
Behind The Scenes:
In The Spotlight:
  • Steve is watching Glee and the Ringer
  • Callie is watching Emily of New Moon season 1 and 2
  • Wolfe Farms!
  • Gutter & Men
A Round Of Applause:
  • Calsters on Ravelry, Plurk, and Twitter


  1. I've been watching for awhile and love your podcast, but this one was the best so far! You guys are great knitters, but you are so funny and comfortable with each other. Steve, I'm not a bit surprised about your teaching accolades. I'm a mom, have substitute taught, and my sister works in the local school system. I know good teachers and I can tell you are one. It's all about caring. Callie, you just cracked me up about the no-show co-host. You handled that situation so well. Love you guys!

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