Posted by: dramaticknits | October 22, 2011

Episode 35 The One Where Callie Fails

Now Performing:
Taking a Bow:
Behind The Scenes:

  • Nothing
In The Spotlight:
  • Steve is watching Ringer and season 3 of Fringe.  Where is Glee?
  • Callie is watching Pan Am, Big Bang Theory (Bazinga!), and Up All Night, and the list goes on

A Round Of Applause:
  • Calsters on Ravelry, Plurk, and Twitter


  1. I only got a minute in and wanted to say that you both look smashing in your chosen shirts for this episode. Both of you chose colors that compliment your skin tones in the lighting that you use. I have watched the entire podcast since the beginning and I have really enjoyed the evolution. Steve, you chose the best intro music, it sneaks into my brain at the most random times in my day. Callie, you are such a fun addition! I just had to de-lurk before even watching the episode to comment. I so enjoy the product you put out Steve. You are such a professional! I will agree with others in saying the two person format really adds a dimension to the program-it's all the poking sense of humor and goofiness that only comes across with the zinging back and forth. I loved the podcast as a single but enjoy the humor with the double.

  2. Since I watched the whole episode, I can say it has been my favorite so far. Thank you Steve and Callie for the best show yet!!!! (Sorry, couldn't figure out how to comment under my name with computer and password issues, I'm Tajrw on Rav).

  3. Hi Steve and Callie!Callie, I love your Citron! hehe Darn life getting in the way our knitting sometimes.Steve, I just knit a Hermione Hearts Ron hat as well. I'm actually on my 2nd one because someone saw my first one and asked for one just like it so I'm working on it now. If I'm in IL for the holidays can we all get together for a vlog-o-rama? hehe I could beg family members for a car since I fly there will be without my own car and meet you this time since you came to Bloomington last time. I'll let you know if I'll be there for the holidays. I don't know yet.Another great episode!

  4. Wow what was my problem there towards the end? I just ran on and on made no sense! lol

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