Posted by: dramaticknits | October 10, 2011

Citron KAL

Hey everyone! Steve and I are very excited to be hosting this KAL. Below is some information about it. We would love for you to join!
  • The pattern is Citron by Hillary Smith Callis (free pattern on Knitty)
  • Start date is October 14th
  • End date is November 30th
  • Prize drawing will be December 3rd

You may work on existing Citrons, but please only post the one(s) you finish during this time period in the official no chatter thread on Ravelry to be entered into our drawing. The prizes will be 1 set of 20 Christmas cards with envelopes, 3 Post-It notepad covers, 1 sheet of stamps, and a surprise all made by me, Callie. If you win and are not in the US, then an additional surprise will be added to compensate for the sheet of stamps.
We look forward to seeing all of the fabulous Citrons!


  1. Callie I was impressed with your generous offer of the cards AND STAMPS Such a wonderful idea to include those elusive stamps.I hope to free up a needle [in other words I've got several WIPs] in time to participate.

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