Posted by: dramaticknits | March 27, 2011

Episode 6 Hi Ho Hi Ho It’s Back To Work I Go

Now Performing:

Taking A Bow:

In The Spotlight:

In Rehearsal:

  • NOTHING! I need to get somethings off the needles before I consider casting on anything new

A Round of Applause:

  • Thank you to everyone who has donated or supported the show in some way. Please know that you are appreciated!
  • New Podcasts:
  • The Expectant Knitter with Steph
  • Knit Bytes with Becca
  • Addicted to Yarn with Becky
  • Family Fiber with Bobby
  • Thanks to Vicki from the Dragonfly Soars podcast for the shout out!
  • When I am finished with my Japanese Garden Shawl, I will be having an Ebay auction for the finished item. All the proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross.



  1. Love your podcast. While listening to your podcast i thought either a raffle or an auction for your Japanese Garden Shawl would be a good idea. Glad to see that our minds think a like. Can't wait to check out the other podcasts.

  2. Great show Steve. Really liked the new beginning. An ebay auction sounds like a great idea. Keep up the good work, look forward to the next show

  3. Oh how dare you rub it in that you got your TLE order in 3 days! I'm going on 2 weeks now waiting for an order. It has to be Canada Customs or Canada Post and nothing more. Grrrr Next time I'll have them mail it to my daughter in IL and I'll pick it up next time I go to visit, it'll be faster. LOLYeah the new beginning is good and the baby hat turned out great. It looks like the same basic shape of a hat I knit a while back. It was basically like that but the top was green and the icord was the stem. Those hats are so cute and quick to knit. Your friend will love it I am sure!

  4. OMG the infomercial following your podcast was called Pos-T-Vac and was a male enhancement ad. Ewww. Hella funny, but eww.Enjoyed the podcast as usual. Your lighting looked better this episode. The colors really popped on screen too. I'm envious of all your sock yarn. Glad you got to knit and rest during your spring break. You look a lot less stressed.

  5. AAHHH!! Ingrid Michaelson!!! I love her and I love that song!!! I am so happy that you are using it!! I love watching you!!!Wow…That was a little bit of a freak out…I am so happy that you had a fun Ikea devirginification and a great spring break.-Amelia

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