Posted by: dramaticknits | March 20, 2011

Episode 5 Offstage Drama

Now Performing:

Taking A Bow:

  • NOTHING! Once again!!!

In The Spotlight:

  • Sock Yarn Blanket
  • Guy Colors
  • Vistaprint Business Cards
  • Spinning
  • If anyone has a drop spindle and/or fiber they would like to donate to the podcast for me to give spinning a try, please contact me!

In Rehearsal:

A Round of Applause:



  1. You can make a drop spindle out of old cds really easily and they spin great! That's what I learned on many years ago and teach using.

  2. Love that scarf a lot! I too want to spin. I've wanted to for a year but just put it off thinking I don't need the extra expense of another hobby but now I am cracking. I am going to get a spindle soon and let's just hope I can pick it up. I am positive if I can get the hang of it that I will like it but I have no idea about what fibers are best to use, how tight to spin it, what's best to start with etc etc. I've only been to Mary Lynn's Yarn Garden twice but the next time I'm in Bloomington I am going to go buy something to help support her as well. My daughter still lives in Bloomington/Normal. Do you ever hang out and knit while you are at the shop? Another great podcast! 🙂

  3. I like your podcast!my husband does not give me a lot of feedback, and your view is so useful for me.

  4. Hello. I made a promise to post a comment to any videocasts I watch this week. This isn't my first time watching you. I wanted you to know I think you are doing a great job!

  5. Hi Steve,Did you get any offers for a spindle & fiber? I have an extra here. It is probably along the lines of a student or beginner's spindle and I do have some fiber I could send you as well. Drop me a line if you're still interested. :o)

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