Posted by: dramaticknits | March 5, 2011

Episode 3 A Hot Mess With Words

Now Performing:

  • If you leave a donation through the blog you will be entered 1 time for each dollar you donate for these beautiful socks. This will be available until 1 week after I finish them. Any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Taking a Bow:

In The Spotlight:

In Rehearsal:

A Round of Applause:

Prize Winner!:

  • 1to1 on Ravelry won the Thank You Prize of the 2009 Spring Issue of Interweave Knits! Congratulations and thanks for you suggestion of My Leading Man!!!

How To Find Me:

Remember: Knit just one more stitch into your fabric of life!


  1. Mistletoe!

  2. Ha ha was cracking up at your tongue tied parts. I have gone through the same thing when ordering yarn and having the hubby standing over my shoulder watching me open it (ooops)! Your awesome, thanks for the shout out! Keep up the good work

  3. *waves* I've been watching and lurking since the beginning. I could be wrong but the "buzz" sounds like your computer fan, if so a microphone (or headset) that is away from the tower would fix that. love the podcast and good luck

  4. I know what you mean about the Alpaca not snowing the stitch definition. I knit my granddaughter the Spirogyra Wrist Warmers with 100% Alpaca and felt the same way. Although they feel fantastic and she wears them all the time! I've already posted on your favorite / most hated FO while I was watching this podcast. heheOMG you said my name! *gasp* You are so sweet! I love our virtual knitting nights! It just always seems like I can't stay there the whole time and knit. I never realized how I'm constantly interrupted. This may explain why I never get anything finished! lolBut yes, I keep it short so people can move on to knitters that know what the h e double hockey sticks they are doing. 😀

  5. Love the show! I think Leading Man needs to make a cameo 🙂

  6. Be careful with advertising what basically amounts to a lottery/raffle (donations for a chance to win the socks). That's illegal in most states unless you have a license from the state/city 😦

  7. Love your podcast. Im trying to start my own. We should chat sometime. I also have a partner I'm pauly81 on Ravelry

  8. Enjoyed your podcast. I'm new to watching all podcasts but yours is one I will be faithful to watching. Love the "dramatic" theme.

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